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Request your prayers and help
« on: May 04, 2010, 08:35:08 PM »
My SASS handle is Fairshake and my given name is David Shultz and I live in Louisiana just about 20 miles east of Baton Rouge. I am 63 years old with diabetes, 4 bad disc(pain pump installed inside of body) I had trouble breathing around last Christmas and after seeing several different doctors found the problem. My right side diaphragm is paralyzed and is only allowing me to breathe on the left lung. I breathe through a machine 4 times a day with medicine inserted that helps the working lung with it's work. I have never asked for anything like this in my entire life as I 'm a very independent person that does not ask for help. If you have the time or the will to say a prayer then it will be appreciated. Thank You for your time David
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Re: Request your prayers and help
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Prayers up for ya Pard
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Re: Request your prayers and help
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Fairshake -

Prayers away for you, your family and friends.

Sometimes it is good to share the bad times, too.  Every now and then we all need a hand - even us independent types.
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Re: Request your prayers and help
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kneel mail is on its way and may you have a blessed day
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Re: Request your prayers and help
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How're you doin Dave? Been prayin for you.