Author Topic: Stevens Single Shot Rifles - What's Your Favorite One?  (Read 3796 times)

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Stevens Single Shot Rifles - What's Your Favorite One?
« on: August 14, 2013, 08:50:12 PM »
I have several ... Favorites - 44's and 44 1/2.  Originals and a CPA Stevens 44 1/2 made by Paul Shuttleworth.  The CPA is my favorite.  So far, the action has a 32-40, 38-72, 40-65 and a 45-70 barrel.  Plus, I'm in the process of putting Fecker scopes on each barrel for range settings in addition to the Baldwin foresights with a bubble level.  With one Baldwin vernier on the action, I have four different caliber rifles, each with iron sights and scopes.

Another Stevens that found it's way home to me recently  :) is a Stevens 1894 Favorite with barrel stamped "Stevens 25 CF" - CF for center fire in 95% condition.  Chamber cast determined it is the obsolete Stevens Hornet ... Stevens made the '94 in 25 Hornet rim fire but not center fire.  Since the action width is only 0.908", the rifle loaded with the centerfire Hornets has to be a low velocity.  And 25 Hornet cases have to be reformed from 22 Hornet brass.  Thus I have a pristine Stevens rifle but it is a project gun to put it shooting order with the original Rocky Mountain front sight and a Pope vernier and the reformed reloads.  Gonna make the reloads with a low charge of Unique and black powder (duplex) to bring the velocity in the range of 1000 to 1050 fps.

If anyone knows the velocity of 25 Hornet rim fire rounds - please let me know
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